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Cryptomarket of agricultural crops

The Agrolot Project is a decentralized B2B platform for agricultural crops and food products trading and is currently running a crowdfunding campaign built on Blockchain technology featuring Smart Contracts use.

We trade on 2 cryptocurrency exchanges

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AGROBank investing platform

We are happy to announce the opening of Investment Platform for AGLT token staking, the platform runs on our website on the user's personal account! For details: 'SIGN UP' or 'SIGN IN' Instruction of personal INVESTING Account

Valuable prizes will be drawn among the participants of staking and a competition will be announced. All details you can find on your personal account on our website! The competition will be announced very soon.....

528 Active users
4560118 AGLT already investments


The Agrolot Project is a decentralized B2B platform for agricultural crops and food products trading and is currently running a crowdfunding campaign built on Blockchain technology featuring Smart Contracts use.

So far we’ve already launched the global informational and trading marketplace and are going to turn it into a comprehensive B2B trading solution for agricultural and food products.

It’s necessary to use our blockchain technology-based payment system called OFIR, enhanced with smart contracts to make all transactions secure, fast and comprehensive. We have taken into account all the peculiarities of business processes in finance, logistics, storage, insurance and quality assessment of products, as well as eliminated the intermediaries from the trading chain.

At the same time, we will act as the guarantor to ensure payment security, track safety of goods timely delivery at the given destination.

Our missions

Helping to sell the products

We let the producers sell their goods as profitably as possible, in the right position, and at the correct time

  • Due to the high demand for different product groups and also considering seasonality and other factors, we use the auction sales model
  • Grouping similar products into similar transaction
  • Transparency of all financial components

Dealing with the buyer

We give the buyer the opportunity to buy the necessary goods as fast as possible, in the important quantity and quality

  • Logistics from leading transport giants
  • Quality control from leading survey companies
  • Ongoing tracking of each transaction

Providing the best secure technology

We act as a guarantor of the transaction between end users with the help of blockchain technology and the technology of impressive contracts created on it

  • Completely spoils challenges in the food distribution channels
  • Strategically provides the best income model for buyers and sellers
  • Easy-to-use platform with convenient access via apps, anytime, anyplace
  • OFIR will be easy to change for Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as fiat currencies

ICO structure

AGROLOT (AGLT) is a token based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. In general, the ERC20 standard and its further development has proven itself as the most optimal solution in the field of blockchain technology and smart contracts. ICO ended on September 28

Token sale details

1. Token Supply

We will deliver 100 million AGLT tokens, and only 34.75 million of them will participate in the ICO, private-sale and pre-sale. During the private-sale, 2 million tokens must be sold, during the pre-sale 3 million tokens at a price of 1 USD per 1 AGLT will be sold, and 20 million will be sold during 3 ICO stages. 9.75 million tokens will be distributed as bonuses and airdrop.

The remaining 65.25 million tokens will be distributed as follows: 45.25 million will be frozen for the VIA Fund for 3 months, starting from the ICO launch. 20 million tokens will be frozen for 6 months for the Agrolot team.

2. Participation Period

The public sale of the token will be held in two stages: within 10 and 90 days. In case the hard cap is reached, the offering will terminate automatically.

3. Payout Structure

The tokens will be automatically delivered to the holder's wallet when transferring ETH to our smart contract address. In the Q3 2018, an internal exchange will be opened, and will exchange AGLT tokens for different cryptocurrencies. In the Q4 2018, AGLT tokens will be listed on external exchanges.

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2015-2018 Q1
  1. 1. Launching the trading platform;
  2. 2. Opening offices in Odessa and Kiev;
  3. 3. Opening a representative office in Hong Kong for the development of the Asian market;
  4. 4. Creating the advertising budget for the promotion of AGROLOT.IO and the project as a whole;
  5. 5. Forming the project team.
2018 Q2
  1. 1. Creating the website;
  2. 2. Writing ICO Agrolot Whitepaper;
  3. 3. Launching the ICO site, creating the social profiles;
  4. 4. Issuing the AGLT token, posting source code on, registering the project at;
  5. 5. ICO launch;
  6. 6. Introducing airdrop and ranking referral program.
2018 Q3
  1. 1. Finishing ICO;
  2. 2. Starting the program of a vertical integrated agroholding;
  3. 3. Start of developing the OFIR coin based on the own algorithm with EDS, development of the EDS issuance tool;
  4. 4. Launch of the internal exchange for AGLT token exchange;
  5. 5. Introducing new features at
2018 Q4
  1. 1. Launching the blockchain of the OFIR network;
  2. 2. Start of developing OFIR Wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux, web wallet;
  3. 3. Adding the OFIR coin at;
  4. 4. The full-fledged launch of the exchange platform together with the OFIR coin;
  5. 5. Crediting OFIR coins to the AGLT token holders;
  6. 6. Listing AGLT token on external exchanges;
  7. 7. Adding the token on
2019 Q1-Q2
  1. 1. Creating the online office for exchanging OFIR for many other currencies;
  2. 2. Developing an internal exchange for holders of online exchange offices;
  3. 3. Connecting third-party online exchangers for OFIR coin;
  4. 4. Distributing the dividends from the vertically integrated agroholding program to holders of AGLT tokens;
  5. 5. Issuing electronic certificates of ownership of a part of a vertically integrated agroholding, as a percentage of the AGLT on deposit.
2019, Q3-Q4
  1. 1. Continuing the vertically integrated agroholding program;
  2. 2. Dividing the dividends from the profit of the trading platform and the land bank;
  3. 3. Forming the platform and the company development strategy for 2020-2021.

New boundaries

We are suitable for partnership with


The best price for the producers
Providing the best logistics service
Best warehouses all over the world
Providing help to new customers
Best security protocol with no scammers at all
Brend new system of financial settlements without fiat money

Our learned team

Alex Filin

Chief Executive Officer

Vitaliy Melnyk

Chief Technical Officer

Alex Makarov

Business Development Manager

Nikolay Baranov

Legal Advisor

Roman Korol

Developer and cyber Security Specialist

Roman Kents

Legal Advisor

Ivan Chudnovets

Legal consultant

Olga Bolekhan

Trading Analyst

Dmitriy Soltanov

Senior Trading Advisor

Alina Fedyaeva

Advisory on Digital Strategy, Campaigns and Ecosystem Development

Dennis Batsa

Junior advisory on strategy

Andrew Styupan

Development Consultant


  • How does your ICO differ from the others?

    The fact that we will combine the cryptocurrency world with the real sector of the global economy.

  • What issue does your Project handle?

    Directly connects the small and medium producers with the consumer, while ensuring the safety of goods and financial security

  • Will users of the Platform place and sell goods of a prohibited nature?

    No, it will be impossible. We act solely within the framework of international and local legislation of the countries of residence of our clients.

  • How much money do you plan to raise?

    USD 25 million - in the first, second and third stages of the ICO.

  • What is a vertically integrated holding?

    It is an agrarian complex consisting of appropriate infrastructure and operational arrangements for developing the most popular agricultural products to increase the number of trading and additional income of the Platform.

  • Where and how can I get AGLT tokens?

    On ICO, in the dashboard.

    The token must made on the basis of the smart contract Ethereum ERC-20. To purchase the token, it will be imperative to convert your ETH only from your own Ethereum wallets, and in no case from the accounts of external exchanges, since our token will automatically be credited to your account immediately after transferring your funds to the smart contract address.

  • Do you plan burn the tokens?

    We will start burning tokens after the start launch trading on the AGROLOT.COM website, since we will spend 25% of the commission on the platform revenue to buy tokens on the market of tokens and burn them